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Refresh Your Year End Giving Strategy

All organizations that rely on donors to operate look forward to the increased generosity towards the end of the fiscal year.
That means the competition for donor attention is more intense. Donor’s mailboxes fill up with emotionally manipulative pleas and guilt is sometimes used from the pulpit. So how can churches and nonprofits make sure they stand out and are heard without falling into complacent traps?
Here are a couple of tips to reach your donors’ in a refreshing way for year-end giving.

Social Media Buttons-Helpful or Hurting Nonprofits

Social Media Buttons-Why Nonprofits Should Take a Second Look This is another case of “Best Practice” advice gone bad.  I know why it happens, nonprofits and ministries feel the tug to keep pace with the fast tech changes and social media is often at the top of that list.  So when someone touted the advice to simply add a little row of icons to show you are social engaged, some of us thought “That’s great- I can do that easy enough.” But if you are placing these prominently on your website you may be doing more harm than good.  Here are a couple reasons you might want to reconsider. Reasons to Reconsider Social Media Buttons Wait?  Wait, Don’t Go Away! When you work tirelessly to funnel donors to your website so they can connect with your mission and those you serve, WHY would you want to redirect them?  This is huge.  When you set up your website you should be thoughtfully creating a path of experience to your DONATION page!  This goes for any link you are giving prominent placement too.  If it is taking your donors down a different path or redirecting them chances are you will end up losing them (and their gift) down a rabbit hole.  I know, I know you want them to find your social pages and give you a like.  There is a better place for that.  Don’t distract your visitors from where you really want them to go (donation, RSVP, etc) Give Em’ Something to Talk About. When that little row of buttons is generically placed, that is exactly the response you will...

Apple Pay – Good For Nonprofits?

Apple Pay creates the ability to make a secure payment from a smartphone on a website with a single click. We know that the less steps a donor is required to make a gift, the better an organizations chances are for your donor to complete their gift transaction. Apple Pay auto-fills all the information that is stored associated with the card your donor is paying with.

Why We Developed our Q-Suite Products

Q-Suite is the heart of our product line.  It really grew out of seeing a need for churches and ministries to be able to process online donations with a platform and technology that understood their special needs.  Hear from key leaders at Cashlinq on the why & how of Q-Suite.  “By allowing churches and nonprofit organizations focus on their passions they can be more effective”...

Giving Is Easy-Online Donations Work

Many churches have a misconception that older generations are not utilizing online payment options. This is actually not true. All generations are managing their finances with online payment options. The convenience you provide to your staff and members with online donations can be undercut by not setting up the process with these best practices.

Tune Up Your Year End Appeal

When is the right time to start a year-end-giving appeal?  How soon is too soon and how often should you ask? With most donors researching their year-end giving in October and November, if you wait too long you run the risk of your donors deciding to “go another route” this year.  So what is the key to creating an engaging appeal that is timely and inspires donors to respond? The key is to clearly define your ask around your specific needs, then communicate those needs in a way that provides your donors with ownership of the resulting impact. When you shape your appeal around this formula you create a story that deeply connects with your donors as they know they are directly connected to your success. Below is an outline to help you “tune up” your end of year appeal and “identify your story elements.  These elements will be the key to shaping an impactful year-end giving appeal; an appeal that asks your donors for their increased financial support and affirms their current commitment to your organization’s mission. 5 STEPS TO CREATING AN EFFECTIVE APPEAL The elements below are key to creating an effective appeal.  Take a moment to review and next we’ll break them down in more detail: DEFINE YOUR NEEDS: It is important to list your needs, even if it is simply, “Increase Giving.” However the more specific you are the more chances your donors will be emotionally engaged with your ask. IDENTIFY YOUR DONOR GROUPS: What types of donors do you have? Identifying how your donors give will allow you to group similar donors together.  This will be important so...

The Human Element – Fundraising Innovation 2016

As the charity sector faces more competition every year- there is a simple, efficient way to stand out in the crowd…that won’t require you to hire a strategy firm, pay for loads of clicks or flashing lights. You won’t even need to overhaul your current cultivation strategy.

EMV Chip Cards: 7 Things You Should Know

Fraud liability for payment processing organizations will be switching for EMV chip card technology October of this year. Should your organization be doing anything to prepare? We have seven “things” you should know about the EMV Chip Card change that will help you determine if you need to make any changes.

Church Newsletters That Get Read

You can invest hours and dollars into producing a newsletter to reach your donors, but ghastly statistics say that many of them are not being read by donors. Newsletters for churches and nonprofits can be a powerful communication tool that reaches your donors during critical seasons. Use this checklist of key tips to make sure you are creating a newsworthy newsletter:


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